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KPTD 2012 ? do you know a LED with a dome?Print

SMD LED with lens concentrate the light into a smaller space, that?s why they?re more suitable for some applications than common LEDs.

Have you ever noticed that many SMT LEDs are also available in a ?Dome? (lens) version? As we know, light from a LED chip shines roughly equally in all directions in the half-plane above the given LED ceramic substrate. In other words, viewing angle of a common SMT LED could be 180? even though, because of a package shape and other factors, this angle is usually smaller ? for example 120? (for 50% luminance drop).

However, 120? is still relatively wide viewing (distribution) angle, if you need to concentrate light only into one direction. For example, indication SMT LEDs under the front panel covers affect each other less (parasitic light), if they have a lower viewing angle. By concentration of the light into a smaller angle, a much higher luminosity is obtained in that direction.

It is the lens (dome) on SMT packages thanks to which the LED is shining much less ?into sides?. With the SMT LED series from company Kingbright, it?s easy to recognize the ?Dome? types by the D letter in the series name, for example KPD, KPHD, KPTD. A look at the spatial distribution picture of KPT versus KPTD types says it all.

The latest addition to the ?Dome LEDs? in the Kingbright portfolio and in our stock is the series KPTD-2012 in the ?0805? package. Among stock types, four basic colours can be found in our portfolio (red, yellow, green, blue). With a height of only 1.05mm (including the dome) it?s possible to easily use it as a direct replacement for common SMT 0805 LED.

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