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Do you know that a 3-colour backlight can improve legibility of the display?
Normal, service or critical mode? Any statuses of your device can be easily distinguished by a simple backlight colour change.

It´s a well-known fact that a human brain can more easily and quickly understand a picture or pictogram rather than ordinary text. In cases when your device displays various parameters or it works in various modes, it´s very beneficial for the user to be able to easily distinguish its status – for example, whether a measured parameter is OK or it exceeded some defined value.

Imagine the situation that if the displayed parameter has value of say 40-80%, then everything is OK. But anything out of this range creates an error status and it´s worth to highlight it. Naturally a common way is to use for example buzzers, but it´s not always desirable for a device to beep every while, especially at more complex workplaces with a lot of devices when it´s very hard to differentiate which device is beeping.

A visual signalisation is optimal for such situations, which can easily be achieved by a simple backlight colour change. In contrast to common character of graphic modules with a fixed backlight, EA DOG series displays from company Electronic Assembly enable to choose a desired combination of display + backlight.

In majority of cases, the backlight is monochromatic (yellow, amber, white, blue, …) but 2-colour versions as well as 3-colour versions like new EA LED94x40-ERW dedicated for EA DOGM series modules are also available.

Efficient LEDs used in the module and a relatively high max. operating current of 75-120mA (depending on a colour) guarantee bright, easily readable displaying even at strong ambient light. Similar 3-colour backlight intended for smaller modules EA DOGS series is called EA LED36X28-ERW.

In case of interest in any EA DOG or EA OLED series displays, please contact us at

- compact LCD character and graphic modules with a selectable backlight – various combinations are available
- high quality displays with a relatively high contrast
- extremely low power consumption (without backlight), typ. 100´s of uA
- extremely flat: only 2.0 mm without backlight and 5.8 mm with backlight
- can be soldered directly into the PCB without any further assembly
- character displays: 4-bit, 8-bit and SPI interface
- graphic displays: SPI interface, some also I2C
- single 3.3V or 5V power supply - also for the LED backlighting
- temperature range -20..+70°C, integrated temperature compensation