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Other article about ESP32, with using of development board of SunDuino ESP32 and temperature/humidity sensor Si7021 (HTU21).

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You can find up a lot of development boards for ESP32 on internet, some are cheaper, some more expensive.
The one czech hobby group (Robotika Brno - CZE) designed universal dev board for ESP32 (WiFi&BT).
The board called RB3200-ESP32universal contains Arduino uno rev.3 connector, power supply - 5V (USB) also 3.3V available on pin headers, LEDs, USB-UART bridge - CP1202 and a lot of pin headers for your sensors...
With ESP32 we can expect a lot of interesting board for wireless connections - WiFi and Bluetooth.
We expect that the Wemos name on the board is maybe abuse of name.

There are two of them. The first dev board contains ESP32, battery holder for 18650 battery, microUSB connector.
The price is $10.29

Friedlyarm released a new version of NanoPi single-board computer - NanoPi M2A.

NanoPi M2A is a new generation of NanoPi M2 by FriendlyElec, the new board responds to customer requirements.
NanoPi M2A combines NanoPi M2 and NanoPi M3.

The processor is the same like M2 Samsung Cortex-A9 - S5P4418 - quad-core up to 1.4GHz. Instead of M2, M2A contains WiFi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0 module with internal antenna and connector for external antenna as well as NanoPi M3.

Arduino develops two new shields for LoRa IoT network.
The first board is Arduino LoRa Node shield used for Arduino Primo.
The second is Arduino LoRa Gateway shield for Arduino Tian.

I received very interesting board called WIDO. If you don't know this board, maybe the WIDO will be interesting after reading of this article.

WIDO board sent store. Thank you very much.
For this article I used tutorial (wiki website) by

WIDO - the board with WiFI module, which is compatible with Arduino Leonardo.

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Adafruit released a new development board which supports JavaScript programming language.
This is other part of Espruino family like Espruino Pico or original Espruino.

The base components of Espruino WiFi board are STM32F411 (32bit ARM Cortex M4 @100MHz) microcontroller and WiFi ESP8266, wireless module with ESP8266...

ESP32 is the most anticipated component this year, we will meet with a lot of dev boards with this very popular chip for wireless workaround.

Freematics shared development board called ESPRIT with ESP32.

The board contains ESP32, Arduino Uno rev3 compatible connectors, 4pin header with I2C bus and 2x UART serial header.


SinoVoip released a new version of BananaPi M64. The processor was changed to Allwinner R18 - 64bit.
The new version of Banana Pi M64 is pin-to-pin compatible with previous version of that.
Other specs are the same....

Adafruit released a new development board with ESP32. That is not only one devboard, maybe you know these dev boards like SunDuino ESP32, Whitecat ESP32 N1 board, LoLin32 by Wemos or ESP-WROVER-KIT by Espressif.


Maybe you remember on news about the alternative to ESP8266 called RTL8710. Now is available a new development board with RTL8711AM - CREATOR Pro by RAKwireless.

The RTL8711AM integrates high-performance CPU, WiFi, Ethernet, peripherals like SPI, I2C and more. RT8711 can be easier implemented to Arduino with through Standard Arduino library...

Sinovoip, well-known like single-board computer manufacturer of Banana Pi, released other pictures of IoT module which uses NB-IoT (NarrowBand Internet of Things). This IoT network uses Vodafone in trial version in Czech Republic (2017).
NB-IoT is standard Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) used for communication of IoT devices(Internet of Things)...

Do you know WhitecatBoard? It is other company which develops development board with ESP32. If you pay a little bit more you get ESP32 with wireless module for LoRa network...

Finally, I can write you a short tutorial how to play with ESP32 (more powerful than ESP8266). On the internet is a lot of tutorials how to do it, but this is a little bit different. I don't have LoLin32, Hornbill or ESP-DevkitC.

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Logic analyzer should be the base component for your development. I'm sure that you know this chinese clone of logic analyzer of Saleae with chip CY7C68013A by Cypress.
The maximum of sample rate is 24 MHz. The clone uses software by saleae which knows to analyze a lot of buses.

ASID company has become a member of the IQRF Alliance. Currently, the first stage of the extensive KRD project ? the construction of intelligent buildings in Bratislava with an area of more than 70,000 square meters, is under way. For members of the IQRF Alliance, this is an important opportunity to participate in the implementation of this Smart Buildings project. You will be able to meet with ASID's projects personally at the IQRF Summit 2017. Here you will also see solutions and products for smart cities, smart homes and buildings, industry, security and transport...

Hardware that has missed your attention. - RedBear DUO. The device combines WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy.
Microcontroller is STM32F205 (Cortex-M3 @120MHz, 128 KB SRAM and 1MB Flash) the same like on Particle Photon

WiFi and BLE controlls Broadcom BCM43438 - Wi-Fi 802.11n (2.4GHz only) + Bluetooth 4.1 (Dual Mode)...

New version of dock for single-board computer NanoPi NEO/Air/NEO2.
It combines power of NanoPi NEO/Air/NEO2 and fast development of arduino on one board.

The board contains headers compatible with arduino uno rev3 and NanoPi NEO/Air/NEO2.
On the board are also USB-Serial convertor, 12V power supply, 2x USB 2.0 host...

Popular Wemos D1 with WiFi chip ESP8266 has other member of Wemos family, now with ESP32.

On aliexpress is available a new development board with ESP32 $6.90 + shipping by Wemos. LoLin32...