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Nucleo STM32L476 - high performance and low-power consumptionPrint

All processor manufacturers want low-power consumption or high performenace. Now, ST Microelectronics shows a new type of processor - STM32L476 which combines high performance and low-power consumption.
This type of processor contains various peripherals.
The website, the first of all, owns this processor with development board Nucleo.
You find photogalery and detailed description of STM32L476 and Nucleo development board.

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and Windows 10Print

- Broadcom BCM2836 900MHz ARM Cortex-A7 Quad-core processor with VideoCore IV dual-core GPUGPU provides Open GL ES 2.0, hardware-accelerated OpenVG, and 1080p30 H.264 high-profile decode (6x performance).
There are a new features of new version of Raspberry Pi 2 version B compared version Raspberry Pi 1 B and B+.
And more! Raspberry Pi Foundation said that last six months worked closely with Microsoft ...

Minibian - minimal RaspbianPrint

I looked for some minimal operating system for Raspberry Pi. I found Minibian - it is minimal Raspbian. It is very minimal system which supports only terminal (I log in through SSH). SD card 512 MB is enough to running Minibian.
Minibian contains Kernel 3.12.28. The system needs 16 MB RAM and 314 MB disk. The system supports ...

GPS tracker with MSP430Print

Do you want to make GPS tracker. Look this project. It based on the MSP430F5510 (low power microcontroller by Texas Instruments - 25MHz, 32KB FLASH, 4KB SRAM, 3x DMA, I2C, SPI, UART, LIN, IrDA).
The microcontroller receives valid data from GPS and it sends data to his server through HTTP request. The interval of tracking is 10 minutes.
You can find ...

Mathematica 10 Now On Raspberry PiPrint

"With the recent release of Mathematica 10, you might be surprised to discover that you can now get it for free with a Raspberry Pi.It is very surprising that Wolfram decided to put a copy of Mathematica on the Raspberry Pi for free. It is even more surprising that it has just been upgraded to the latest version. Mathematica 10 now comes ready installed on Raspian.
The new release includes integration with the Wolfram cloud giving access to ...

Xmega PID programmer using the USBasp devicePrint

If you have USBasp programmer and you would like to program Xmega microconotrollers by Atmel, you need PDI programmer - convertor SPI to PDI. You find the process on this website. The program for PC is GUI4avrdude.
On this website is library ...

Controlling a RC Car w/ Bluetooth Connection & Speech RecognitionPrint

This project was shared on the website which is project for beginners. The controlling of RC car is controlled with a bluetooth module.
The basis of the project is MSP430G2553 microcontroller which comunicates with a HC-06 bluetooth module through an UART.
The microcontroller controls the RX2 circuit which controls a motor.
You can find ...

DIY Temperature & Humidity & Smoke Detector Alarm System Based on ArduinoPrint

The website a href='' target='_blank'> shared the article "DIY Temperature & Humidity & Smoke Detector Alarm System Based on Arduino". Tha data is shown on the ...

Arduino Based Security System using GSM & PIR SensorPrint

Do you own the Arduino and do you want to create security device? Then read. The device is easy and you find schematic and source code. The princip is: the PIR sensor detected movement and the GSM module calls ...

Powerful single-board computerPrint

Do you think that The Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone and other are low power for you?
Perhaps you might enjoy this open-source project. The idea create from Mr. Robert Ferance and Mr. Martin Murin from Slovak Republic.
The i.MX6 quad processor (1.2GHz) from Freescale, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, 1x HDMI (2048 x 1536), 1x LVDS (1920?1200), 1x PCIE, 1x SATA...

BitScope Micro - Raspberry Pi Oscilloscope & AnalyzerPrint

This is basic overview this product: 20 MHz Bandwidth, 40 MSps Logic Capture, 2 Analog Scope Channels, 2 Analog Comparator channels, 6 Logic/Protocol Analyzer channels, 8 & 12 native analog sample resolution, Decodes Serial, SPI, I2C, CAN and more, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X & Raspberry Pi.
The BitScope contains waveform generator and spectrum analyzer.
The possibilities of BitScope is very good, but ...

wireless programming solution for AVR microcontrollerPrint

If you want programm microcontrollers from your a phone or a tablet with a operating system Android, you can begin.
AVRDroid is IDE for programming of microcontrollers AVR, but you have to own a programmer with bluetooth module. For successful loading microcontroller is needed load bootloader to the AVR. The AVR are programmed ...

STM32 MCU NucleoPrint

STM32 Nucleo - this is a new name for development boards by ST Microelectronics. These development boards are available: NUCLEO-F103RB, NUCLEO-L152RE, NUCLEO-F401RE, NUCLEO-F030R8 (and NUCLEO-F072RB).If you take notice, the microcontrollers are from F4, F1, F0 and L1 series. The development boards contain Arduino? connectivity. The Nucleo contain integrated ST-LINK (debugger and programmer). You can program and debug the board in varied IDE and you can compile your program ONLINE at the website Nucleo STM32L152RE may be used in low power applications, The Nucleo STM32F030R8 is mainstream board and the Nucleo STM32F103RB may be used for high performance.These development boards contain...


The program is used as GUI for AVRDUDE. AVRDUDE is tool for programming microcontrollers by atmel (atmega, attiny, at90can/usb, atxmega etc).
The program supports a lot of programmers for example Arduino, Atmel AVR Dragon, STK500,600,200, USBAsp or The Bus Pirate. The program able to reading and writting fuses and load code to FLASH and EEPROM. The program is multiplatform (Linux, Windows and Mac OS X)...

Raspberry Pi + Arduino = RaspiDuinoRoverPrint

This is next version of robot. The robot is controlled iPhone. The robot is consist of iPhone which communicates with Raspberry Pi through HTTP and TCP. The camera is connected Raspberry Pi. The communication between Raspberry Pi and Arduino Uno + arduino motor shield is I2C protocol.
The commands are send through TCP and the video is streamed through HTTP...

ATMega GPS SMS AlerterPrint

The microcontroller ATmega88 is the bases of this device. The ATmega88 communicates with Ublox NEO6MV2 and accelerometer. This is SMS alerter, which is sending sms or more precisely ATmega88 is sending AT commands to mobile phone (Nokia 3210) and it is sending sms with actually GPS coordinates. You can download complete code and you can watch video...

ATtiny GPS LongLat LoggerPrint

This project uses GPS reciever Ublox-NEO6MV2 GPS module with ATtiny2313A. The microcontroller communicates with GPS module through the UART. The article explains the communication with GPS module and data processing. The data from GPS are saved to extern EEPROM...

40 projects with ArduinoPrint

We shared news by 44 projects with Raspberry Pi, but this time we share 40 projects with Arduino. You can see robot, which avoids barriers. Arduino communicates with accelerometer through XBee. Guitar pedal. RC car controlled through web. Pong game. Techno with Laser Harp. And a lot interesting projects....

44 projects with Raspberry PiPrint

Do you have Raspberry Pi and you don't know what to do? Here is summary 44 projects with Raspberry Pi. You can make web server, mail server or web cam server. Rpi controls QuadCopter or tank. You can make Supercomputer with several RPi. If you program PIC microcontrollers, RPi can program it. RPi log data in the space balon.
You can find more interesting projects as a traffic monitor....

Watch with accelerometerPrint

This is next watch. It isn't equipped as watch with oscilloscope, but it is very interesting.
MSP430FR5738 by Texas Instruments is a basic element of the watch. MSP430 is very low power microcontroller (energy consuption of watch is 1.5uA)...