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ScriptCommunicator - very good serial terminal for everyonePrint

I was looking for good serial terminal which makes timestamps, creates logs etc. and I found very good ScriptComminucator!
Why? I try to explain you in this pictures article.

Main screen:
Appearance is easy and well-arranged. If you want to send asci character, you choose asci, but you can choose hex, bin, uint8, uint16, uint32, int8, int16, int32.

20% discount for devices by IQRF.comPrint

Are you interested about IQRF module by
This is your chance for 20% discount.
Discount is valid from 1/18/2016 to 4/18/2016

Check this article:

PixiePro SBC - i.MX6Q, WiFi802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC, GPS/GLONASS and 3G modemPrint

You can find a lot of SBCs (single-board computers) but many of them is very similar.
PixiePro wants to find own users using a lot of unusual peripherals.

PixiePro contains i.MX6Q quad core ARM? Cortex?-A9 @1GHz, very interesting is 2GB 64-bit DDR3 RAM, 2x USB 2.0 and 1x micro USB OTG.

For connection to the internet you can use WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac 2.4GHz, 5GHz with 2x2 MIMO, Bluetooth? 4.2 (BLE) and UMTS/HSPA + 3G module.

PixiePro may be extended by extension board which contains 1Gbit ethernet, SDIO, 2 MIPI, SATA-II, another USB 2.0, CAN, SPI, 2x UART, 2x I2C and a lot of GPIOs.....

STM32 Nucleo-144 (version with STM32F746ZG)Print

And here it is! If you heard about Nucleo-144, then it's true!
STMicroelectronics released new development board called STM32 Nucleo-144 (STM32 in LQFP144 package).
Extension of "Nucleo development board family" is totally logical step to possibility of using another peripherals because only Arduino connector is quite horrible for STM32 microcontrollers.
Nucleo-144 combines existing Nucleo board and Discovery boards partly. It contains Morpho connector, new Zio connector and Arduino connector.
Nucleo-144 includes ST-Link/V2-1 programmer and debugger...

Heatless (cold) Toner Transfer for PCB makingPrint

Make PCB can be easy as in this tutorial. Transfer toner to PCB without iron.

Control electrical devices from user web browser using ESP8266 NodeMCUPrint

Do you want to control devices from webpage? Why not, and this project can be helpful for you. Main part is ESP8266 and NodeMCU.
You find code for ESP8266 on the webpge.

10 best IOT Software PlatformsPrint

Are you IoT designer? Check this news about top 10 software platforms.

AdaPilot - Open Source Safety Critical Autopilot ProjectPrint

AdaPilot is developed by a team of volunteers who listen closely to their user comunity. Together with our users and supporters we strive to make state of the art control software for remotely piloted vehicles that is safety critical, powerful and flexible but also easy to integrate.

The AdaPilot website is dedicated to serving the Free Software, Open-Source, AdaPilot Community. Here you can link and download the source code, tools and libraries for the AdaPilot development environment and get the latest AdaPilot news, resources and training materials. It?s also the place to exchange, ideas, discuss and contribute with a large community of AdaPilot programmers. This website is a work in progress and may thus be incomplete and in continuous development through the adding of new updates and informations, it is a "live website".

Do you have intention to participate and contribute in the project? Check

Atmel ultra-low power platform for IoT and wearable devicesPrint

Atmel company introduced a new ultra-low power platform for IoT and wearable devices on CES 2016.
The board contains ultra-low power SAM L21 family microcontrollers which based on ARM? Cortex? -M0+ based MCU running up to 48MHz with up to 256KB embedded Flash and 40KB SRAM. Consumption at <35?A/MHz.
Next important component is Atmel? BTLC1000...

Website informationPrint exists only one month. 3500 unique visitors, 13400 visits, 14 news (total 61), total 21 articles. Thanks all!
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Wyzbee? - IoT platformPrint

Do you want to make own IoT network in your home? Probably you want to use ESP8266 or ESP32 or something else.
Then check this news.
The Wyzbee? is new IoT platform which based on Redpine?s Wireless Secure MCU (WiSeMCU?) with multi-protocol wireless module providing Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, and ZigBee connectivity, six-axis inertial sensors, an infrared receiver, a debug port, push-buttons, LEDs, USB ports, and WyzBee? THING? expansion connector.

A few features of MCU:
ARM Cortex-M4F processor, running at a frequency of up to 160 MHz
1MB on-chip flash program memory with flash accelerator and 32KB work flash memory
128 KB SRAM for code and data use

IQRF Wireless Challenge IIPrint

IQRF Alliance announces a worldwide contest IQRF Wireless Challenge II. ?Test your skills, create a new application for the IQRF wireless technology and compete for valuable prizes totalling 3,700 EUR,? this is the challenge for all the technicians, programmers, developers, and students from all over the world.

The contest begins from November 1, 2015 and closes on April 30, 2016. Final competition of the best projects will be held in April 2016. There are two categories to compete in - Developer and Student. IQRF development sets are available with up to 65 % discount for all the participants.

Comparison of SBC as Raspberry Pi ZeroPrint

Comparison of SBC as Raspberry Pi Zero:
Raspberry Pi Zero, CHIP computer, Orange Pi One & Lite, NanoPi 2, Odroid-C0

Orange Pi One and Lite - alterative to #Pizero and CHIP computerPrint

SBCs are still smaller and cheaper. One of the first was CHIP computer, very popular small SBC with WiFi connections. Then RASPBERRY PI FOUNDATION released Raspberry Pi Zero - Pizero. Everyone are expecting pizero on store and in this moment coming Orange Pi Lite and One. The big rival of Pizero and CHIP computer.

You can choose two versions of Orange Pi - A (Lite) and B (One).
Both version contain:

Regulator of soldering station - ATMega8Print

The price of soldering station is very low and you can say that making of solder station is it not preferred.
You have right, maybe...
But, if you want to design our solder station, design of regulator takes a lot of time.
This project can speed up your project....

JaguarBoard: Intel Atom x86, Windows 10, 1GB DDR3L, 16 GB eMMCPrint

SBC (single board computer) are still very popular development devices. ARM processors have been popular until now, but now are pushed away by new types of SBC which are designed with Intel processors, e.g. Intel Atom - x86 architecture.
Next kickstarter project is JaguarBoard.
Windows 8.1/10, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian and Android are supported operation system for JaguarBoard.

LattePanda - Windows 10, Arduino microcontroller, Quad core, 2/4GB RAM, 32/64GB eMMC, BlueTooth 4.0, WiFi, USB3.0Print

LattePanda - it's name of kickstarter SBC (single board computer) project.
What are features of LattePanda?
Full support of Windows 10 Computer.
It contains Intel Cherry Trail Quad-core at 1.8GHz, 2 - 4 GB DDR3L RAM, 32 - 64 GB eMMC. One USB 2.0, one USB 3.0. It includes WiFi and BlueTooth 4.0 connections. LattePanda is also designed with an Arduino compatible processor - ATMega32U4 and Arduino like connector.

USB-UART converter with FT230XS and external 3.3V power supplyPrint

You can buy a lot of USB-UART converters e.g. with FT232, CH340 or CP2102. Each of USB-UART converters has some advantages or disadvantages.
Some doesn't have drivers inside kernel (linux) and/or windows. Another has a problem with faster communications.
I wanted to design own USB-UART converter and so I chose another IC for convert between USB and UART.
Broads is designed for beginners as one-sided PCB with a few jumpers.
I like IC by FTDI chip company. FT230XS.

The article is here:

50 interesting boards you?ll want to know about from 2015- Atmel, Arduino, SAMPrint

In this link you find 50 interesting boards from 2015.
Top boards are Arduino Zero, Arduino Wi-Fi Shield 101, Adafruit METRO 328, Tessel 2, Arduino GEMMA or less known as Adafruit Bluefruit LE Micro, pico-Platinchen, Piccolino or Neutrino.
On this website you ...