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STM32F469I-DISCO before releasePrint

Is it new development board by STMicroelectronics? No mention on, but in System Workbench for STM32 AC6 ( added new choice - STM32F469I-DISCO.
If you will search, you can find image of discovery and price on the website too.
The price is $61.25.
Mouser offers this development board for $84.31.
And Farnell ?43.91.

You can see that development board contains display with size of PCB, 3 MEMS microphones, minimal 4 LEDs for user control. The board contains holder for microSD card, user USB, jack audio connector and, like STM32F7-disco, only Arduino like connectors.

What really contains? Display looks very nice and, maybe, will be with capacitive touchscreen.
What do you mean? Do you like it?

Oficially documentation:

More information about STM32F469I-DISCO
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