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RSS feeds stats for 2017Print

Stats of the most reading news and articles and also Operating System market share and Web Browser share.

Number of news:

The most popular news:
Orange Pi 3 Plus is comming - Allwinner H6, Gigabit interface, USB 3.0, WiFi 2.4/5 GHz -
UPDATED: ORANGE PI 2G-IOT - with SIM and WiFi/Bluetooth for $9.9 -
Useful ESP32 modul for $8 and shields for that -
UPDATED: Orange Pi WIN - SBC for $25 -
BananaPi W2 - 2x SATA, USB3.0, 2x Gbps ethernet, PCIE, eMMC -

Number of articles:

The most popular articles:
The board for meteostation with ESP12E module (ESP8266, NodeMCU) -
Orange Pi Zero - LED blinking, temperature measurement (I2C) and sending data through SPI, in Pythonu -
WIDO - Arduino Leonardo compatible WiFi board -
ESP32 and Arduino IDE -
ESP32, SunDuino and temperature/humidity sensor Si7021 (HTU21) -

The most popular vidoes:
Unboxing of Arduino STAR - OTTO and how to upload the code -
Eagle 8.0.0 -
Banana Pi M2 Berry - unboxing, boot, thermal imaging pictures -

23,5% Returning visitors / 76,5% New visitors

USA 13%
Germany 5,5%
Poland 4,5%

Operating Systems:
Windows 42,8%
Android 38,5%
Linux 7,8%
iOS 6%

Web Browsers:
Chrome 64,7%
Firefox 14,5%
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