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RobinCore - ARM Linux computer with WiFiPrint

Another rival for C.H.I.P. computer and Raspberry Pi Zero (pizero)?
Maybe, but it's still interesting project. A coin-sized ARM Linux computer with WIFI.
RobinCore, that's name of project, contains SOC Hi3518E(ARM926@440MHz), WIFI chip(MT7601U), H.264 encoder(720p@30fps) and 64MB DDR2. OpenWRT is OS for that.
You can buy another board (principle is the same like by C.H.I.P. computer) with camera (RobinCam) and/or board with ethernet interface (RobinMac).
On the RobinCore board are connected GPIO pins, I2C, UART, SDIO, ADC, PWM and another.

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