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LicheePi Zero for 6$, with WiFi for $8Print

After Raspberry Pi Zero, Orange Pi Zero and Raspberry Pi Zero W we have LicheePi Zero. Maybe you see here the first version of chenese SBC LicheePi One.
The board contains Allwinner A13 processor. The price of basic SBC is 6$, for 8$ you get LicheePi Zero with WiFi. It is cheaper than pizerow.

The Clock frequency is 1GHz, the temperature of processor is 40 ?C and power consumption is 100mA.

On the board you find LCD connector (FPC-40P RGB LCD) for direct connection of display.

LicheePi Zero is usable on breadboard.

The WiFi module is able to connect through TF connector or directly on pinheader.

LicheePi Zero on github

Indiegogo campaign here

LicheePi Zero shared

TOP side


TF connector with WiFi module

WiFi module on pinheader

Power consumption measurement and microSD card on TF connector

Dock station for LicheePi Zero
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