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Lichee Pi One - SBC in Chinese handsPrint

The information about a new single-board computer which is called Lichee Pi One by a new company - Lichee (lychee chinese) is availble.
The news shared website.

Single-board computer by Lichee wants to be interesting of course by price. The first model is Lichee Pi One and the price could be $6. The board is marked for the Chinese market for now.
Single-board computer with this price can be popular on other countries and maybe armbian or DietPi could be support it.

The processor of Lichee Pi One is Allwinner A13 (single-core processor) up to 1 GHz and Mali-400 GPU.

The amount of RAM is 512 MB typu DDR3 and the storage is used micro SD slot.
What peripherals could be interesting for makers are graphical outputs - 40-pin RGB LCD connecotr, VGA and LVDS.

Camera input is used 24-pin CSI connector.

On the board are also 1x USB2.0, 1x micro USB2.0 OTG and 1x micro USB for power supply (?).

Of course you can use general peripherals like SPI, UART, I2C as well, which are connected to 20-pin header.

Lichee Pi One can be powered by micro USB connector or two pin header which is used for LiPo battery.

Supported OS are Android and Linux distribution like Ubuntu and Debian.

What we can expect or what experiences will makers have, we will see later. So, good luck Lichee.

The project is available on github.

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