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Articles: Raspberry Pi, Cubieboard, Banana Pi, BeagleBone, Orange Pi

CHIP computer: connection to WiFi, SSH, UART
Hooray. Another article is on the world. How to connect to WiFi, using SSH, using UART and how to connect CHIP computer to display/TV. You get cabel for composite input with CHIP computeru. Default setting is NTSC norm, but in a lot of countries is PAL norm. Nevertheless, it will work - black and white screen. Connect YELLOW cinch cabel to Y composite input (Video In).

CHIP computer: first sight and comparison with Raspberry Pi Zero - pizero
How you could see on social networks, I recieved CHIP computer. Very popular kistarter project. But I would like to show comparison between CHIP computer and Raspberry Pi Zero - pizero. You find some important articles and pictures in this article. In next article, you will find first boot, connection to WiFi with and without display, connection through SSH and through UART and maybe more.

How to secure linux server
I would like to tell you that I'm not prefessional in security, but i would like to show you article about basic security of linux server. Sources for this article is my own experinces and literature search. With distribution of single-board computers as Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi, Cubieboard was created possibility to have own server at the home. Yes, it's amazing and if you have public IP address, you can connect from anywhere. You have to think for possible dangerous and these dangerous aren't negligible. In the world of internet exists a lot of robots which want to give access to your server. Other atackers can be neighbors. Yes, student of primary school or high school want be hacker - they want hack everything :-) We have a model situation (It will be easier to explain). We have server with Raspberry Pi (Banana Pi, BeagleBone, Cubieboard etc.) with OS Raspbian (Cubian, Debian, Ubuntu, arcOS etc.). The security of websites is one security problem, the second security problem is access to the server.

Samba - Raspberry Pi, Cubieboard, Banana Pi, Linux, Windows, Raspbian, Cubian
I wanted to share storage on my cubieboard through samba. You can use this tutorial for other storage media. For example SD card, HDD, Flash disk or something else. You can share only one file too. This tutorial can be used for other operating systems as raspbian, cubian, debian, ubuntu or other distribution of linux. These systems running in the Raspberry Pi, Cubieboard, Banana Pi or other devices. If you want to share only one file, the process is easier. I wanted to share partition of SD card. I needed GParted for partition of SD card. Shared partition is FAT32 system.

Raspberry Pi - How to control a GPIO from website
If you want to control GPIO through webpage, you have to read this article. I will describe how to control GPIO from webpage. You can download 2 PHP files and 1 python script. I will describe two ways how to run python script which will control GPIO. First way will run python script directly from PHP. We will turn on LED with PHP which write to the MySQL database and the cron runs our python script every minute. In the first way we add "new" user to /etc/sudoers.tmp and we repair the error "sudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified". In the second way we create new cron process which we write to the cronetab...

FTP with Raspberry Pi - anonymous and ftp-user
You can find how to install FTP with Raspberry Pi, how to set FTP for user or anonymous users.

Raspberry Pi - LED Turn On/Off and Blinking
Code for controlling LED (turn ON/OFF and blinking). Choice blinking LED you have to specify number repeating and blinking period. The code is written in python. LED is connected on GPIO 7. You find "How to create file" and complete code.