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The First Samples of BOXER Industrial Computer in StockPrint

Choose: an ultra-thin, high-performance or mid-range class with many interfaces. Up to 55 types of AAEON BOXER industrial fanless computers in our offer. You will definitely find the right one for you.

We enriched our stock offer by the ultra-thin BOXER-6404-A1-1010 and BOXER-6404U-A1-1010, middle class interface-rich BOXER-6615-A2M-1010 and high performance BOXER-6639-A2-1110.

BOXER series industrial computers come without RAM, SSD, and operating system and in case of high performance models, without processor.

RAM, SSD and Processor

Our stock models work in ambient temperature range -20...55?C to -30...65?C. Temperatures inside computers are higher of course and therefore, it is necessary to use RAM and SSD with industrial ambient temperature range and only processors recommended by the manufacturer. You can find the recommended RAM and SSD in accessory list for each stock item.

BOXER 6404, 6404U and 6615 use popular 4-core Intel Celeron J1900 soldered on PCB. BOXER-6639 has LGA1151 socket for 6th generation (Skylake) Intel processors) Core i7-6700TE, i5-6500TE, i3-6100TE, Pentium G4400TE and Celeron G3900TE. Processor assembling is simple, just unscrew 6 screws, remove the heatsink, insert the processor into the socket and re-attach the heatsink.

Operating System

Computers allow running Linux and Windows 7 or newer operating systems.

If you opt for Windows OS, consider using Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2016 LTSB (Long Term Supported Branch). This version is based on Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB (build 1607) but it doesn?t contain features that are not necessary for embedded systems (Cortana, Edge, Windows store client and universal windows application as news, sports, finance etc.). This version will be supported for 10 years. During this period of time, only security and required reliability/performance fixes will be available, no new features will be added.

All drivers for Windows OS are available in AAEON web pages. In case of Linux, all drivers are included in OS kernel, no additional installation is required.


BOXER-6404U is well suited for robot control. It works in ambient temperature range -25...60?C, doesn?t contain moving parts or cables, contains 2 GbE LAN ports for IP cameras, digital I/O for sensors and mPCIe and SIM card slots for 4G GSM module.

BOXER-6404 is suitable for information displays (2x HDMI) with wireless (mPCIe slot for Wi-Fi or 4G GSM module) or wired (4x GbE LAN) network connection or for industrial network appliances.

BOXER-6615 is suitable for application requiring more communication interfaces like RS232, RS485, USB, digital I/O for sensors, wireless (mPCIe and SIM slots for 4G GSM module or Wi-Fi) or wired (2x GbE LAN) network connection, information displays (HDMI, VGA), vending and ticket machines as example.

BOXER-6639 is suitable for machine vision tasks, such as reading codes, characters, colour or shape recognition, contactless measurement, object localization and robot positioning, completeness inspection, inspection of correct location and quality. This type of task requires high performance (Core-I processor), high speed RAM (DDR4 max. capacity 32GB) and GbE or USB 3.0 for cameras (3 GbE LAN, 4x USB 3.0).

Our sites devoted to AAEON industrial computers contain all the essential parameters that will simplify your selection. For each type, the datasheet and the user manual are available.

If you need help with selecting or you need more information about AAEON products, please do not hesitate to contact us at
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