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IQRF Wireless Challenge IV - ResultsPrint

The final round, which took place at the IQRF Summit 2018, was attended by the solvers of the two best projects selected from the projects submitted to the final.

Both projects came from the V?B - Technical University of Ostrava. Teaching and IQRF projects have many years of tradition and support here.

The winner has won development tools for IoT applications ? the IQRF Tech DS-IOT-01 development kit, the AAEON Europe UP Squared Celeron Duo Core development board, the Protronix air quality sensor, the remotely controlled power socket Cobra from Netio Products and vouchers for training from JoTio Tech, and for using Microsoft Azure from Microsoft.
The school of both awarded contestants got two DS-IOT-01 sets from IQRF Tech.

System for environmental values monitoring
Jan Veli?ka (V?B-TU Ostrava)

The project includes the design and implementation of a measuring and visualization system of environmental variables for measuring the indoor environment in buildings. Mainly, these are the places where the lessons are being taught. Based on the measured data, you can adjust the room ventilation mode. For data transfer is used the IQRF technology.

The proposed device is fitted with a non-dispersive IR CO2 sensor and temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure sensors. For data transfer is used the IQRF network. The device can be powered by a battery with the possibility of charging. RGB LED signaling allows you to immediately check the status of your device. The electronics are placed in the ABS box KM-84.

For data collecting, is used the IQRF gateway based on Raspberry Pi or UP board or Ethernet, WIFI or GSM gateway. The data is collected using the DPA protocol in the IQRF network with the connection to the MQTT broker or IQRF cloud.

The Node-RED graphical environment is used to process the measured data. The data is stored in the MySQL database for post-processing. Data is visualized in Grafana environment.

The project includes training and presentation modules for measuring environmental values, namely CO2-EVAL and BME280-EVAL. Designed learning modules serve as a teaching and demonstration tool for teaching in the subject of Design and implementation of measurement systems for the measurement of environmental values. The first module is designed to measure CO2 concentration and temperature. The second module is used to measure temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure. Modules can be used both individually or in a cascaded fashion. Both modules are designed by their dimensions and connections to fit into the development chain (DDC).

System regulation based on IQRF technology
Mari?n Antoszyk (V?B-TU Ostrava)

The aim of the project was to create a regulatory example where the transfer of data between individual parts will be realized wirelessly using IQRF technology. For physical systems, it is sometimes impractical and difficult to install the cable from the actuator element and at the same time from the sensor into the control unit that is remote from the process. In addition, this cable is only signal-based and therefore can be replaced by a radio frequency signal.

In addition, the physical system requires a regulatory intervention only within a short time interval, while the time interval between the two events is long because the required input variable does not change. Therefore, sophisticated algorithms can be designed and implemented on the device, which uses the battery-only receivers as little as possible by sending queries, thereby increasing their stamina. Such control approach is also called Event-Based Control.

The following technologies are used in the project:
- IQRF ? wireless communication
- REX Controls ? control system
- Raspberry Pi 3 ? control unit
- Hardware minimization
- Minimum device consumption
- Possibility to control any RLC system connection
- Possibility to deploy the system to any hardware supporting REX system (Industrial PC, Raspberry Pi, UP Board, Laptop / Desktop PC)

Partners of the competition
The competition is organized by IQRF Alliance and supported by IQRF Tech, AAEON Europe, Protronix, Netio Products, JoTio Tech, Zyxel, Microsoft.

We thank for support to all professional and media partners. We thank the contestants for the preparation of sophisticated and interesting projects.

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