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IoT development pack - Sensor board and Gateway with STM32Print

STMicroelectronics introduced this IoT development pack on Embedded World 2018 which is focused on IoT application.
The kit includes sensor board (STM32L073 Nucleo + LoRa shield) and gateway which is based on powerful STM32F746 microcontroller.

The sensor board contains LoRa module, temperature/humidity sensor HTS221, pressure sensor LPS22HB and accelerometer/gyroscope LSM303AGR.

STM32L073 microcontroller belongs to ultra low-power microcontroller family which is focused on low-power applications.

STM32L073, ARM Cortex-M0 32MHz, 192 kB FLASH a 20 kB SRAM. Nucleo 64 contains Arduino Uno compatible connectors and Morpho connectors. All pins of microcontroller are connected to Morpho connectors.

STM32F746, ARM Cortex-M7 (up to 216 MHz), 1 MB FLASH, 320 kB SRAM. The board also contains Arduino Uno and Morpho connectors, 10/100 ethernet and USB OTG intereface.

Both boards include programmer/debugger ST-Link/V2-1. LoRa shield (gateway) is based on Semtech SX1301.

You can connect your device with IoT service. The official released is planned on June of this year.

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