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IQRF Summit 2018Print

When: April 24 - 25, 2018
Where: Clarion Congress Hotel Prague

Come to inspire by finished products and implemented projects at a two-day conference about the Internet of Things. We have prepared more than 40 interesting presentations, technical workshops for integrators and manufacturers, demonstrations of finished products at Marketplace and, last but not least, networking with presenting companies and other participants for you. Early bird prices are valid until the end of February 2018.

Already registered companies promise an interesting content. After the Keynotes at the beginning, there will be presentations from areas of Smart Cities, Smart Buildings and Industry 4.0. Summit partners will present their ongoing and realized projects from the field of Internet of Things. The program will be interesting for leading managers, engineers and the professional public. You should not miss practical workshops and popular networking where the participants can meet informally.
One of the main topics will be ongoing standardization. After the one-year development, an online repository containing all the necessary information for certified products is available. Applications, gateways, and clouds get information from this place. The repository contains not only a list of devices and descriptive information about them. It includes drivers and update packages. This approach brings significant simplification in a communication of devices. Gateways, applications, and clouds will find out how to communicate with the product, which greatly accelerates the development of IoT solutions.
During certification, the product receives its unique HWPID and it is placed in the repository. This number is used to get information about the product that the gateway/application finds in its IQRF network. You do not need to teach the gateway or your application how to communicate with the device, it gets this information from the drivers on the repository.

The gateway can be easily created by adding an SPI adapter or USB IQRF transceiver to a Raspberry PI, UP board, or another similar device. The IQRF Gateway Daemon installed on the device ensures IQRF communications and JSON messages sent over the MQTT channel, for example, to a cloud application. These messages can be easily analyzed and you can dynamically control devices in the network by them or read out measured values. The overall integration of products, gateways, and applications into the ultimate IoT solution is greatly simplified and fast.

Also at this IQRF Summit, it will be possible to practice with interoperable products. To do this, a workshop will be organized, led by industry experts who either deliver end products or deal with providing and setting up the necessary services. You can try to build the entire IoT solution consisting of an IQRF network, sensors, and actuators, with data management and visualization.

IQRF Wireless Challenge IV
To enable close contact between the academic and professional community, we decided to organize the final round of the traditional developer contest here at the IQRF Summit 2018. The best projects will be presented by authors to the professional jury and the winning project will be presented on the main stage to a wide public.

We traditionally organize also a social event that allows informal meetings of all participants. People there can discuss common topics and share ideas. Experience shows how beneficial this type of event is, and how it helps in establishing new business partnerships.
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