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UPDATED: Nucleo 64: shield with sensor of CO
The STMicroelectronics company released info regarding shield with gas sensor of CO (carbon monoxide).
The pack is called P-NUCLEO-IKA02A1, the pack also contains Nucleo 64 board with STM32L058R8 microcontroller.

The shield contains gas sensor for CO and footprints for another gas sensors by Figaro comapny (PCD13,5, PCD17, Mini and TGS5141).

The gas sensor of CO which is used is Figaro TGS5141

On the board is temprature sensor STMicroelectronics STLM20, the quiescent current is 8uA max (4.8uA min).

Another info about this pack you find on

The price of pack is almost $60 on