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Mathematica 10 Now On Raspberry PiPrint

"With the recent release of Mathematica 10, you might be surprised to discover that you can now get it for free with a Raspberry Pi.It is very surprising that Wolfram decided to put a copy of Mathematica on the Raspberry Pi for free. It is even more surprising that it has just been upgraded to the latest version. Mathematica 10 now comes ready installed on Raspian.
The new release includes integration with the Wolfram cloud giving access to Alpha and the Knowledge base. You get a standard "free" account, which gives you 0.2GBytes of storage, 1000 cloud credits a month and 100 Alpha API calls per month - which isn't generous but is enough for you to find out if you need a paid subscription.
Overall Mathematica for the Raspberry Pi is a great resource as long as you can cope with its limitations - which mainly all come down to speed. You can use it for lots of interesting and clever things, but it leaves you wishing you had the real thing - which of course is the whole point and why Wolfram isn't stupid in providing a free copy.
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