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ESLOV - IoT kitPrint

Maybe you found this campaign on kickstarter with Arduino.
Modular development board which you can manage.
You can program it through grapical IDE and the project share to Arduino Cloud.

The choice of modules is very big. One module includes three sub-modules.
Fitness Monitor - GPS, OLED a Touch module
Seismic Detector - Motion, RGB LED, Buzzer module
Smart Thermostat - Encoder, OLED, Temp&Hum module
Enviromental Tower - Temp&Hum, PIR, Air Quality module
Irrigation System - Generic In, Relay, RGB LED module
Walkie Talkie - MIC, Buzzer, Button module
Bike/Pet Tracker - GPS, Button, LED module
Pet Feeder - Button, Servo, IR Distance module
Light Theremin - Light Sensor, Buzzer, Button module

You can make own module :-)

As you think, modules are connected through I2C bus. So, every module has unique I2C address. Each module contains microcontroller ATMega328P and one important component (e.g. GPS, Hall sensor, Button etc.). I2C speed is 400 KHz. Each board also contains one multifunctional pin for e.g. IRQ or WakeUp.

The modules are powerd from 3.3V and contains I2C bootloader.

Very important board is Wireless HUB, selected boards are connected to this Wireless HUB and this board sends data to network.
The main component is Microchip SAMD21 ARM Cortex-M0+ and WiFi module MKR1000.

Kickstarter project webpage:

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