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Codebender for ESP32/ESP8266 - kickstarter campaignPrint

Developers which created Codebender, online IDE for programming of Arduino, launched kickstarter campaign for expansion of this IDE for very popular wireless chip ESP8266 (WiFi) and ESP32 (WiFi and BT).
The goal is $60 000.
You can know similar online IDE for programming of MSP430 and MSP430 by Texas Instruments called Code Composer Studio (CSS).
For flashing of your FW to Arduino, ESP8266 or ESP32 you need only extension to FF or Chrome.

Another goals are Desktop IDE (more than $100 000), web serial monitor (more than $150 000) and JTAG debug for ESP32 and ESP8266 (more than $250 000)

Campaign homepage:

The news shared czech IoT website:
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