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Gold medal for silver for MarquardtPrint

Renowned German manufacturer optimizes the offer of preferred rocker switches.

Marquardt offers models with minor differences (e.g. only different contact materials) for many years. Now they use their experience for rework of the stock program. Marquardt has decided to prefer versions with Ag/Ag contact system instead of Cu/Ag.

Models with Cu/Ag contact system have silver only on the moving part of contacts (blue area on red part). Models with Ag/Ag contact system have silver on the fix part of contacts and on the terminal too (blue area on yellow part). Marquardt thus reduces the quantity of models with lower demand and by focusing only on Ag/Ag versions, it maintains high stock availability.

The silver on contacts makes the electrical rating better. For example, at 180x Series, Ag/Ag improves the rating from 10(4)A 250Vac to 12(4)A 250Vac and the inrush current from 50Amps to 70Amps.

Optimization concerns 180x and 183x series rocker switches. Original Cu/Ag models are being sold out but can still be ordered (respecting the minimum order quantities and the lead times).
Some of the new Ag/Ag types can now be found in our stock together with detailed datasheets.

Type Cu/Ag | Replacement with Ag/Ag:

1801.1102 - 1801.1926
1801.1121 - 1801.1926
1801.1146 - 1801.1908
1801.6102 - 1801.6122
1802.1102 - 1802.1121
1802.1108 - 1802.1123
1803.1102 - 1803.1121
1803.6102 - 1803.6121
1804.1102 - 1804.1121

1832.3307 - 1832.3313
1832.3312 - 1832.3313
1834.3302 - 1834.3312
1835.3108 - 1835.3128
1835.3118 - 1835.3128
1839.3402 - 1839.3412
1839.3502 - 1839.3512

If you are interested in any Marquardt products, or you need more information, we will be pleased to help at
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