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Maple Mini uploader v0.1Print

I found my small project - actually one bash script. You can use it for uploading your *.bin file (from your IDE) to Maple Mini.
Install dfu-util from
v0.8. I didn't try latest version
I tried Maple Mini in Perpetual Bootloader Mode (
- Plug your board into the USB port.
- Hit the reset button (it?s the button labeled RESET). Notice that your board blinks quickly 6 times, then blinks slowly a few more times.
- Hit reset again, and this time push and hold the other button during the 6 fast blinks (the normal button is labeled BUT). You can release it once the slow blinks start.
Copy *.bin file from your IDE (for the same microcontroller like in Maple Mini) into this direction and run executable maple_mini_uploader file. Only one *.bin file can be in this direction!

sudo bash ./maple_mini_uploader

Download: Maple Mini uploader V0.1
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