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STM32WB - Dual-Core with Cortex-M and interface for Bluetooth 5, ZigBee, MiWi and more

STMicroelectronics released a news about new microcontroller family called STM32WB.
The STM32WB microcontrollers combine two ARM Cortex-M cores.
The first, M0+, is used for network connectivity, M4 is used for application.

ARM Cortex-M0+ with low power consumption is dedicated for 2.4-GHz multi-protocol radio which supports Bluetooth 5, Thread and also IEEE 802.15.4 (ZigBee, MiWi, ...).

Power consumption - Run mode 50 uA/MHz, Standby mode 600nA
Power consumption during recieving - 3.8 mA (0 dBm)
and during transmitting - 5.5 mA (+6 dBm)
SRAM - 128 kB, 256 kB
FLASH - 256 kB, 512 kB, 1 MB

Another features
AES 256 cryptographic unit
12/16-bit SAR ADC
capacitive touch controller
LCD controller
crystal-less USB 2.0 FS
SAI audio interface
Quad-SPI supporting

The STM32WB also contains Secure Firmware Update (SFU), Root Secure Service (RSS) and Over the Air (OTA).

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