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The IQRF Summit 2017 witnessed real IoT applicationsPrint

The event focused on real solutions for smart cities, buildings, homes, transportation, security and industry was held in Prague on 7 and 8 June 2017.

Their products and solutions were presented here by company representatives of Microsoft, O2, AAEON, MICRORISC, VPGC, Ardomus, NETIO?Products, Aledo, Cross Network Intelligence, Protronix, CISCO, Master Internet, CETIN, IQ Home, CITIQ, DATmoLUX, RehiveTech, TECO, Austyn International, Dazzle Light, FOXON, S3 Group, Deprag, CIS,, Tesla Blatn? and others.

A new concept for standardization of IQRF communication was introduced, an important step for an automatically functioning wireless networks for IoT applications. The IQRF wireless technology manufacturer ? Czech company MICRORISC ? supports the creation and development of easy-to-use IQRF devices based on the IQRF wireless technology, which is the leader in industry's secure and reliable mesh networks.

Modern gateways supporting IQRF networks have been demonstrated by several manufacturers. Thus, customers can choose the appropriate type of a gateway for their project, from home to industrial, meeting the strictest standards and safety.

You can use many different cloud technologies to store and process data from smart sensors, depending on the complexity of the project or other requirements. Their cloud solution was demonstrated by Microsoft representatives, including practical demonstrations of using services for data storage, data analysis and data visualization at a workshop that was part of the summit.
Air monitoring at a school was carried out as a part of the O2 project and at the summit there was presented the progress and technical aspects of this long-term monitoring project. The project is easily usable in any building where operators want to ensure healthy conditions for employees or visitors. The CO2, temperature and relative humidity sensors from Protronix were also used in the project.

Wirelessly controlled lighting in buildings such as sports halls, cinemas, schools, offices or industrial halls is realized by DATmoLUX. The company has shown it on many successful projects. The goal of the innovation in projects is to save energy and thus to reduce total expenses.

The intelligent house includes not only sensors, but also the ability to control the quality and other parameters of the environment. At the summit, you could also see intelligent temperature control in industrial halls and similar buildings. With intelligent sockets, you can switch on or off your devices remotely. Remotely controlled IQRF sockets were shown by several manufacturers.
Today often-spelled term Industry 4.0 has also successful representatives in IQRF networks. Staff or equipment can be automatically monitored with specialized sensors. Accident monitoring with subsequent reporting, working time tracking, and other parameters can be easily retrieved from tracked devices.

The benefits of smart parking have been introduced, ranging from tracking occupancy of individual parking spaces, payments, to drivers? navigation systems. Occupancy is monitored by magnetic field sensors. If the parking state changes (the car arrived - left), a message is sent to the central system. Magnetic field sensors can be installed both under the parking space and on it. The battery life is calculated so that the sensors can stay for more than ten years in the parking place.

Next showcase from the smart city field is a project Smart bike stands. Through their communication network it is easy to know where the individual bike is parked and secured with electronic safety chain. For a city visitor, there is no problem to borrow a bike at one point, on another one to return it and pay the relevant amount.

IQRF Alliance is a dynamically growing international community of professionals and its? members shown examples of interesting practical solutions for the Internet of Things at the IQRF Summit.
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