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STM32H7 - 40 nm technology, up to 400 MHz, 2010 points in CoreMarkPrint

STMicroelectronics released a new microcontroller with ARM? Cortex?-M7 core.

STMicroelectronics changed technology of STM32H7 from 90 nm to 40 nm. Then the maximal frequency is up to 400 MHz. STM32H7 got 2010 point (856 DMIPS) in CoreMark.

To optimize the STM32H7, its architecture has been divided into three domains. Very simply, the first one (D1) includes the core with its cache, Flash memory and high bandwidth peripherals like the module to drive a screen or the Chrom-Art graphics engine. D2, the connectivity domain, groups low-speed peripherals like USB, the cryptographic accelerator and the SD/MMC2 unit for storage. Finally, D3, the batch acquisition mode domain, is responsible for some of the most fundamental aspects of the MCU like its reset and clock control as well as ADCs, GPIO, RTC, the chip?s power management and a basic DMA (BDMA) controller.

Power efficiency:
278 ?/MHz typical @VDD = 3.3 V and 25 ?C in Run mode (peripherals off)
7 ?A in Standby mode (low-power mode)

The microcontroller could be available at production launch in Q2 of 2017

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