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Raspberry Pi Compute module 3 - TWO versionsPrint

We wrote a news about NEC company, which shared picture of their display with Raspberry Pi 3 compute module, after that shared another information about RPi3 compute module on their blog.
Now, the world can see datasheet of versions 1 and 3. What is suprise is that Raspberry Pi 3 compute module will be available in two versions!
CM3 - Compute Module 3 and CM3L - Compute Module 3 Lite

What can we find in datasheet?
RAM will be the same for both versions LPDDR2 (1 GB, its maximum), the processor will be BCM2837 (64bit quad-core).

CM3 version contains 4 GB eMMC FLASH, however CM3L doesn't contain eMMC memory. CM3L contains only interface for microSD card through IO expander.

Pinout CM1, CM3 and CM3L is the same. The board size is increased (width) by 1 mm (from 30 to 31 mm) because VBAT is dimensioned for higher consumption of processor (up to 3500 mW from 2000 mW for CM1).

Pins HDMI_HPD_N_1V8 and EMMC_EN_N_1V8 in CM3 and CM3L version is connected to IO expander - pin 47 and 48.

Raspberry Pi guarantee availability of CM1, CM3 and CM3 Lite until at least January 2023.

Link to datasheet:

The first news about datasheet shared:
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