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STMicroelectronics acquired Atollic in December 2017. After that, a lot of people speculated that Pro version could be free for everyone.
Atollic released a new version of IDE - 9.0.0 and the speculation is confirmed. The latest version and following are without license for STM32.
The new name of IDE is TrueSTUDIO for STM32. If you are using CubeMX, the process how to generate the code is the same, choose option SW4STM32 in the setting of project.

The IDE TrueSTUDIO for STM32 is available for Linux and Windows.

Download link:

The first article about ESP32 and development board DFRobot by Richard Štefún. What is ESP32, module with ESP32, development board with ESP32 and how to install FireBeetle library to Arduino IDE.

Whole article is available on

Hello and welcome to the next BigClown tutorial. What can you expect in this article? I show you what are TAGs, how to upload the code to Core module through UART and also examples for measurement of temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and light intensity. All values will be showed on LCD module.

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Xunlong company, which is known thank to Orange Pi single-board computer, will release a new single board computer called Orange Pi 4G-IoT.
The SBC combines WiFi connection and also connection to 4G LTE mobile network.

There is not a lot of info, we have only a few pictures and some info. The release of board should be at the end of January of 2018.
I wrote a news about the eBook "Networking with the Micro:bit" yesterday.
Today, there is eBook for fans of Raspberry Pi. A lot of info you can use for another SBC's like Orange Pi, Banana Pi or Nano Pi.

You can download the eBook here:

The second eBook is Raspberry Pi Annual 2018. You find how to use Scratch and RaspberryPi and also using of python in this book.

Download here:
Maybe you heard about Micro:bit development board. This popular Micro:bit board is used for childern on primary school in UK. This board is popular on the whole world.
The ebook describes the using of Micro:bit and you find there a lot of examples how to use Micro:bit.

Cigdem Sengul and Anthony Kirby wrote the "Networking with the Micro:bit" in cooperation with Micro:bit Foundation and Nominet company.

The ebook ( PDF ) is available on

Do you remember on very small power supply board with 5V/1A output?
So, here is other power supply board, but with 3.3V output and up to 3A.

It can power arduino boards, ESP8266, ESP32, GPS or GSM module.

Welcome to a new tutorial about BigClown platform.

The series of articles should be describe the work with the boards and modules of BigClown platform.

I want to start slowly, at first I describe a few interesting modules and than I show you how to set your BigClown board and operating system.
We start with Windows OS.
At the end of this article is written a few sentences regarding the concept of BigClown, mainly the price.

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Docking hub for Raspberry Pi Zero is kickstarter campaign which will end.
The docking hub contains 5X USB connector for USB 2.0 interface, microUSB connector, RJ45 ethernet connector and audio output/input (3.5mm jack).
The price start from 25 USD.

Xunlong officially released Orange Pi One Plus which contains a new Allwinner H6 processor.

Armbian shared pictures of new single-board computer with this processor which is called OrangePi Lite2.

There are two USB connectors, the first with USB 2.0 and the second with USB 3.0. It is obvious that there is missing ethernet interface. The OrangePi One Plus contains gigabit ethernet interface instead of USB 3.0.
Stats of the most reading news and articles and also Operating Systems market share and Web Browser share.

Armbian released some info and pictures of prepared single-board computer called Orange Pi One Plus.

This single-board computer contains Allwinner H6 processor.

The H6 processor is used in Orange Pi 3 Plus single-board computer.

The programmer of very small microcontrollers: ATtiny4/5/9/10/20 and 40 from Arduino board.

You find whole info regarding the programmer. There are tutorial "how to upload the code", GUI software and also schematic of programmer.

ST released oficial tool which is used for uploading of your code to STM32 microcontrollers.

STM32 Cube Programmer tool is working on all common operating systems - Windows, Linux and MacOS.
This software supports SWD and JTAG interfaces and also UART and DFU interfaces...
The news and all picuteres you find here:

UPDATED: added more sensors

Do you have any own meteostation? Check this article. Here is a short list of interesting sensors.

What kind of sensor do you use? Temperature, humidity ot pressure sensor? You can improve your meteostation.
Sensor of temperature, humidity, pressure, UV, light intensity, ...

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Aimtec’s AC/DC LED driver series AMEPR30-AZ, AMEPR60-AZ, AMER90-AZ, AMER120-AZ, and AMER150-AZ all can be utilized in either a Constant Current or a Constant Voltage mode.

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The Arduino board called Mega2560 uses the ATmega2560 microcontroller. The Arduino board costs 35 EURO. The microcontroller is very interesting, it contains a lot of analog(16) inputs and digital inputs/outputs (54, 15 for PWM) and the microcontroller is working on 5V voltage.

Epalsite electronics designed the small board exactly with this microcontroller. You can buy it e.g. on for 12.99 USD. The Meduino Mega2560 Pro Mini board.

Maybe you saw press news that Vodafone uses IoT network which is based on NB-IoT .
So, if you are looking for useful module for the connection to this NB-IoT network maybe you found Sinovoip (BananaPi) NB-IoT board.

RAK wireless company released Arduino Uno compatible shield which contains BG96 module.

DFRobot released a kickstarter campaign before 2 years. DFRobot wanted money for development and sell for this board - LattePanda - Windows 10, Arduino microcontroller, Quad core, 2/4GB RAM, 32/64GB eMMC, BlueTooth 4.0, WiFi, USB3.0

And now, here is another single-board computer called LattePanda Alpha and Delta and you will be really supprised! ...