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Photogallery: STM32L496 Discovery boardPrint

STMicroelectronics released a new microcontroller STM32L496 which belongs to STM32L4 family.


Discovery board also contains STMod+ and PMOD connectors.
The new component is STMod+ connector.
It is expanded connector for connecting of board to breadboard. You can connect very popular WiFi module ESP8266 to STM32L496.

On the other side you find PMOD connector (peripheral module).
It's connector for connecting a lot of modules like LCD, network adapters or analog and digital converters.
The Eshop with these modules you find for example here

Another info about that you find here

Features of STM32L496

-A RM? 32-bit Cortex?-M4 CPU, FPU+DSP, MPU, ART Accelerator?, up to 80 MHz
- Up to 1 MB Flash (2 banks), 320kB SRAM (of which 64kB with HW parity check)
- External memory interface - SRAM, PSRAM, NOR and NAND memories
- Dual-flash Quad SPI memory interface
- 8- to 14-bit camera interface up to 32 MHz (black&white) or 10 MHz (color)
- LCD 8 ? 40 or 4 ? 44 with step-up converter
- 16 timers, RTC, 4-48MHz and 32kHz crystal oscillator, internal 16MHz RC (?1%), Internal low- power 32 kHz RC (?5%)
- Internal multispeed 100 kHz to 48 MHz oscillator auto-trimmed to 32kHz crystal oscillator -
(better than ?0.25 % accuracy)
- 3 PLLs for system clock, USB, audio, ADC
- Up to 24 capacitive sensing channels: support touchkey, linear and rotary touch sensors
- 4x digital filters for sigma delta modulator
- 3 ? 12-bit ADC 5 Msps, (up to 16-bit with hardware oversampling)
- 2 x 12-bit DAC, 2x opamp with PGA, 2x ultra-low- power comparators
- USB OTG 2.0 full-speed, LPM and BCD
-2 x SAIs (serial audio interface)
-4 x I2C FM+(1 Mbit/s), SMBus/PMBus
-5 x U(S)ARTs (ISO 7816, LIN, IrDA, modem)
-1 x Low- power UART
-3 x SPIs
-2x CAN (2.0B Active) and SDMMC
-SWPMI single wire protocol master I/F
-IRTIM (Infrared interface)
-True random number generator, CRC calculation unit
-1.71 V to 3.6 V, -40 ?C to 85/105/125 ?C
-25 nA Shutdown mode (5 wakeup pins), 320 nA VBAT mode: (RTC + 32x32-bit backup registers)
-91 ?A/MHz run mode (LDO Mode), 37?A/MHz run mode (@3.3 V SMPS Mode)

On the board you find 1.54 inch 240 x 240 pixel-TFT color LCD, Stereo digital MEMS microphones, microSD? card connector, Camera 8 bit-connector, 8 Mbit-PSRAM, 64 Mbit-Quad-SPI Flash, Reset push button and 4 direction-joystick with selection.

About STM32L496 discovery board


STM32L496 discovery board contains demo code which measures own power consumption.

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