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MSP430F2132 and programming with LaunchPad - Spy-bi WirePrint

Microcontroller MSP430F2132 is programming 2-Wire JTAG (=SBW, Spy-bi Wire) or 4-Wire JTAG. MSP430 LaunchPad can programming SBW. On input reset (RST) is connected pull-up resistor. If microcontroller isn't connected, you will see error (fet: FET returned error code 4 (Could not find device (or device not supported)))

The supported microcontrollers are: down or datasheet here

This board is very easy. It has only microcotroller and Real Time Clock (RTC) PCF8563T. I will use RTC because have alarm output exact time (minutes, hours, day...).

If you use mspgcc, you have to rewrite in the makefile

Process of programming is same like in this video, just microcotroller MSP430G2553 change with MSP30F2132. (CCS 4)

Device pinout MSP430F2132:

Functional block diagram MSP430F2132:

Connection MSP430F2132 with LaunchPad:

(600DPi) Schematic Diagram:

R1 - 47K

R3 - 4K7

R4 - 4K7

R5 - 4K7

R6 - 4K7

C3,C4 - 18pF

Xtal - 32.768KHz

(600DPi) PCB:

(600DPi) Photo-etching PCB TOP:

(600DPi) Laser printing PCB BOTTOM:

Pictures of finished board (prototype).

(300DPi) Labels :

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