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Programming of MPS430 for Ubuntu (Linux Mint)Print

You don't do these steps. The repositories for Linux Mint and Ubuntu contains all packages. You have to install only gcc-msp430 (compilator), msp430-libc (other libraries - legacymsp430.h) and mspdebug (for debugging).

sudo apt-get install gcc-msp430 msp430-libc mspdebug

MSP430 can program for Linux/Ubuntu (Linux Mint)

Installing libraries:

Installing compiler:

Download package mspdebug: mspdebug

We will open package, compile and install :

We will need makefile a and some program for beginners.

We have compiled program and we created files now *.o and *.elf which we need for debug.

We are programming microcontroller:


And we run debug now:


We will stop Ctrl + C and we will stop program Ctrl + D.

List supported microcontrollers:

CC430F5133 MSP430F2252 MSP430F5342 CC430F5137 MSP430F2272 MSP430F5418 CC430F6137 MSP430F2274 MSP430F5437 MSP430AFE253 MSP430F235 MSP430F5437A MSP430F1121 MSP430F2370 MSP430F5438 MSP430F1232 MSP430F2418 MSP430F5438A MSP430F147 MSP430F247 MSP430F5510 MSP430F148 MSP430F249 MSP430F5525 MSP430F149 MSP430F2616 MSP430F5526 MSP430F1611 MSP430F2617 MSP430F5527 MSP430F1612 MSP430F2618 MSP430F5528 MSP430F169 MSP430F413 MSP430F5529 MSP430F2012/G2231 MSP430F427 MSP430F6435 MSP430F2013 MSP430F4270 MSP430F6736 MSP430F2121 MSP430F449 MSP430FG4618 MSP430F2122 MSP430F47173 MSP430FR5739 MSP430F2131 MSP430F47197 MSP430G2252 MSP430F2132 MSP430F4784 MSP430G2452 MSP430F2234 MSP430F5329 MSP430G2553/G2403

This is complete manual for msdebug. Tutorial was created from websites:, a

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